Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Attempted Chris' Lemon Basil Chicken

First off, it was kind of a kluge. I called Chris while I was standing in the middle of the grocery store and said, "Hey, what do I need to buy to make that awesome chicken?"

I'm not sure how close I got to Chris' recipe, but I basically juiced two lemons through a strainer, added a couple table spoons of vegetable oil (because we realized we didn't have olive oil), pressed in some garlic cloves and hit it with a dash of salt and pepper.

After I had the mixture, I poked holes in the chicken (w/fork or tenderizer), then submerged each chicken breast for about 30 seconds each, then covered the top with basil. (and I do mean "covered" --you couldn't see the top of the chicken.)

Next I put them into a hot pan with some butter and oil with the basil side down. Then I decided to just pour in what was left of the mixture, right into the pan. I figured, "why not?"

I tried not to flip them too many times. Actually, I only flipped them once. Not sure if that makes a difference, but I found it much easier to see that the chicken was a little more than half cooked through and then just flip it once, knowing that the cook time was basically half over.

We also boiled some artichokes (40 mins) and boiled some red potatoes (25 mins). Make sure you prep the artichokes correctly. We got the directions from the Julia Child book.

The dip for the artichokes is just melted butter (bottom 2 dishes) and then lime juice with salt and pepper (top dish). I ended up only dipping artichokes in the melted butter.... then also dipping the potatoes in the melted butter... then dipping the chicken in the lime juice only to decide it was better without it. So the lime juice experiment was pretty much a no-go.

The orange slices were last minute (because I decided to take a picture and wanted to look all fancy :)

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