Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chris' Homemade Pancakes

This morning Chris woke up and said 'I'm going to make pancakes and eggs for breakfast! How does that sound?' For me, any morning where I don't have to make the pancakes but I get to eat the pancakes, is a good morning. I convinced him that pancakes were enough and we didn't need eggs as well, which made it that much easier on him. So he found a recipe online, modified it to what he thought sounded good and viola! pancakes!

I happened to pick up this bottle of sparkling French Berry Lemonade at Scotto's Pork Store the other day, and we just went to get some fruit yesterday. Top that all off with, I had to go to the store to get Cleo's breakfast since we ran out (you know 'cause she'll just waste away without it!) so I picked up some sausages.

Last night at The Guys' House, we started watching Season 1 of House, MD. Our friends literally all gasped in unison when we told them that we didn't watch the show. They put it on immediately. Next thing we know, its 2am we watched 8 episodes and we are totally addicted. Our awesome friend Anthony gave us a copy of Season 1 because his mom gave him one for his birthday and he already had it and didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying he already had it. So we had a short debate about whether to watch House or Firefly over breakfast and quickly decided that House is too gory to watch while eating. Put it all together and it looks like this:

Did I mention the hot syrup? MMMmmmmmm.........


Danny said...

They look delicious!

Was it a generic recipe? Do you still have the link?

Renée said...

I'm going to have him put it on google docs. They really were delicious!