Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My first attempts into the World of Cooking!

All my life, cooking was something someone else did... my job? It was playing around in the kitchen when I was young in China; when I was older, it was leaning over friends' kitchen counters, have a vino or two, catch up over good conversations, and watch the world of raw stuff being turned into dishes of delicious heavens.

While working the past ten years, cooking was always a chore - it only served to maintain my earthy body to continue functioning, though I've always admired people that can cook and have the patience to cook.

Maybe it's passing 30, maybe it's the final realization that corporate world isn't quite what was advertised in our childhood or adolescent, or maybe it's my recent layoff that triggered something deep in the brain, I have recently grown a fondness for cooking.

It started as part of the new year/post-layoff goal - dance more, start yoga, reconnect with friends, and try my hand in cooking.

So, from here on, the posts will be my juvenile dinners, desserts and maybe some appetizers.

The goal - cook as many different type of dishes from a variety of sources for as long as I can.

The joy is in the cooking!

Thank you for your support in advance! And a special thanks to Danny, for he is my guinea pig, my biggest supporter, and one that is not afraid of telling me the truth (when the food doesn't taste as good as Renee's... really, no hard feelings! LOL) ^_^


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Renée said...

I truly believe that being a good cook is 40% patience, 10% reading comprehension (read the recipe before you cook it!), 10% willingness to compromise, 20% skill and 20% love. Yep, love. Love for the people you are cooking for, love for the experience of cooking something new, the love of seeing the look on people's faces when they love your food. It sounds to me that you are about 80% there already. You might not have as long in the kitchen as I do, but I know that you are going to be an excellent cook. :) love you!!